ProScore Integration with MSO

You must have version 4.08 or later to publish scores.
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To get started publishing scores, first configure your event on our site. Register New

Version 4.0 Registry Update
If you are running ProScore version 4.0 we recommend that you download the following Registry Key and update your system. The registry updates the Web Service for posting scores to MSO. You can download the registry here:
  1. Download the registry key and save the file locally
  2. Double click the registry key
  3. Accept and "OK" updating your registry

Registering your event is a 2 step process:

  1. Enter your event registration (click on Register New button above)
  2. Activate your event with your onscreen password

That’s it, that simple! You are now ready to publish your scores from ProScore.

You can publish your scores any number of times during the meet. Your fans really appreciate it when you update the scores frequently, so we encourage you to do so!

Publishing Instructions (Ver 5.0+)

Once your meet is under way and you are ready to start publishing, from the primary toolbar:
choose Publish, then choose to

Publish Options

You will then be presented with a dialog with the following options

  1. Publish Individual Results
  2. Publish Team Results
  3. Clear Individual Results
  4. Clear Team Results
Upload Queue

When you publish scores to MSO, you will be publishing the scores in the identical fashion that you would print meet results (that you ran your awards). So for individual results, if Session 2 had multiple levels which in turn had multiple divisions you would add each to your Result Queue for publishing (see below graphic).

Meet Status Text
As you upload your scores it is recommended that you update the current status for your event. If you are in the middle of session two and uploading scores say something like "Session Two Rotation One Complete
Combine Sessions
If you had to combine sessions for awards, then you'll need to supply a "user friendly" display name. Example: combine Sess 1,2 & 3, the display value might be 1-3
Publishing Team Results
When uploading Team results, be sure to apply the criteria which was used to calculate team results for the meet.

Step Four - Upload Progress

ProScore now communicates with MSO and waits for a response. This step takes just a couple of seconds.

pro_step4 (10K)

When complete, MSO sends back a response. The below response indicates that the upload was 100% successful. If there were any problems, an appropriate message would be displayed.

pro_step4a (5K)

That’s it! If you are in need of technical assistance, do not hesitate to call or email.

Karl J. Stubsjoen
Owner / Developer
"MSO - It's Real-Time"

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