Addison Olivia Womeldorph

Metroplex Gymnastics
Gina Quinlan, Marnie Futch,
Tiffany Chandler
My Biography

Addison "Addy" Womeldorph is a 13-year old Texas native level 10 gymnast at Metroplex Gymnastics. Addison's gymnastics career includes a long list of admirable and continuing achievements. From hitting 2 perfect 10.0 routines as a compulsory gymnast, to attending Tops Camp, to steadily growing in the sport each year, to being healthy both mentally and physically, and to proudly being nominated as a Meet Scores Online's 2014 Top 30 Gymnasts of the year, Addy is a fine example of a well rounded, accomplished and goal-driven gymnast. She is working hard to obtain a full ride scholarship to a Divison 1 program.

My Goals
  • To have a successful level 10 career, and qualify to JO Nationals
  • To receive a full-ride scholarship to one of the top NCAA Division 1 gymnastics programs.
  • After gymnastics, Addison would love to be a stunt actress or a performer in Cirque Du Soleil
My Accomplishments
  • 2014 MSOnline Gymnast of the Year Nominee
  • 2014 Level 9 Western National Bars Medalist
  • 2014 Level 9 Regional Bars Medalist
  • 2014 Level 9 Texas State Bars Champion
  • 2013 Level 8 Regional Qualifier/Competitor
  • 2013 Level 8 Texas State Team Champion
  • 2012 Level 8 Regional Qualifier/Competitor
  • 2011 TOPs National Team Member
  • 2011 Level 7 Texas State AA Fourth Place
  • 2011 Level 7 Texas State FX Bronze Medalist
  • 2009 Level 5 Texas State AA Bronze Medalist
  • 2009 Level 5 North State AA Champion
  • 2009 Invitational: Perfect 10.0 on FX
  • 2008 Level 4 District AA Champion
  • 2008 Texas State Judges Cup: Perfect 10.0 on Vault
  • 2015 Level 10 Texas State: 7th AA, 6th Bars, 7th Beam
  • 2015 Level 10 Regionals: 12th AA & Floor
My Skills
  • Floor: Round off, back handspring, double pike. Front handspring rudi. Front layout, front full.
  • Vault: Yurchenko Layout, Yurchenko Tuck Full 1/1
  • Bars: Free hip, uphill, blind to front giant, turn back giant. Blind full, double tuck.
  • Beam: Back handspring, back pike. Front tuck. 1 arm front handspring, split jump/sheep jump. Round-off 2.5 dismount.
Some of My Favorite Things
  • Favorite Competitions are the IGI Chicago Style Meet and the Sandollar Classic
  • Favorite Event is currently bars but I have mostly enjoyed Floor over the years.
  • I love dogs, especially my 2 labs (Sandy and Seri) and my pug Pickles.
  • Favorite food includes Chick Fil-A, Goldfish, fried cookie dough from the Texas State Fair and Dr. Pepper.
  • I like long boarding
  • I love the color Pink, Maroon 5, Netflix, my friends, my family,