2016 Twistars Invitational - Let Us Take You To Rio

Jan 08, 2016 - Jan 10, 2016

Hosted By: Gedderts' Twistars USA Inc.

Facility: The Summit

Located: Dimondale, MI

Nastia Luikin Cup Qualifier - Womens Levels 3-10, Excel Fun Meet - Mens Levels 4-10

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Begin your competitive year with Twistars’ “Let Us Take You To Rio” Invitational. Twistars provides an opportunity for your entire team, male and female, beginners to level 10, to participate in one of the most competitive meets in the US. Jump-start your season at this exciting, memorable event. NASTIA LIUKIN CUP SERIES QUALIFYING CRITERIA-One athlete (one junior age 15 and under as of December 31, 2016) with the highest all-aroundscore will qualify. (All-Around ties will be broken)-Current US National Team members are ineligible.-Athletes who have been a member of the US National Team within six months of the NastiaLiukin Cup are ineligible.-Foreign athletes are ineligible.

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