2018 MeetScoresOnline Top 25 Gymnast of the Year

Below is the official list of the 2018 Top 25 Gymnast of the Year brought to you by International Gymnastics Camp. We started with nearly 300 nominations from the 2017-2018 season, then narrowed the list to 100, then to 45, and from your votes and participation, here we are with the Top 25!

Addison Markert (2024)

Gold Medal Medal Gymnastics - Kristin Fanning, Rilee Sauer, Austin Kelly, Clayton Modic, and Amanda Borden

I am an Arizona Native and i have been going to Gold Medal gymnastics since I was old enough to attend Mommy and Me classes. I started competing gymnastics at the age of 5. I was the Arizona State AA Champion for levels 3, 5, 6 and 7. I qualified for the Arizona Level 7 State team and was the Region 1 Floor Champion. For Level 8, I was the AA Champion for Region 1 as well as the Regional Floor Champion. My favorite event is beam. I am very excited to be in the top 45 gymnasts of the year.

I have been very fortunate to have had many successes in gymnastics and I am surrounded by supportive family, friends, and coaches. It has made the challenges I have faced this year easier to get through. I have been working through one injury or another since last June. It seems like just as I recovered from one injury, another one popped up, and now the last qualifying meet of the season is upon me. It would have been easy to give up and walk away, but the camaraderie and coaching at Gold Medal and just loving the sport and competition has helped me get through this challenging year. Even though nothing has gone the way I thought it would, I know I will come out strong the rest of this season and I cannot wait until next season.

Outside of gymnastics, I enjoy traveling with my family, trying new foods, hanging out with my friends, and my two cats, Onyx and Ty. At school, I like math and social studies. I like waterskiing and tubing at the lake and one of my favorite vacation places is Lake Powell.

Alexis Jeffrey (2021)

- Al Fong and Armine Barutyan

Hi! I am Alexis Jeffrey and I am an elite level gymnast from GAGE. Last season, at level 10, I was the national champion in the All-around and on bars. I also qualified for elite and competed at the American Classic and US Classic. At the US Classic my qualifying score gave me a berth to the 2018 US Championships in Boston. There I Placed 9th in the all-around and 8th on the floor. I have also verbally committed to UCLA for the 2021-2022 season! Go Bruins!! I am very thankful and humbly honored to be nominated into the top 100 athletes for 2018! This sport is my passion. I want to show all athletes that you can accomplish all your goals and dreams with hard work and dedication.

Alisa Sheremeta (2018)

I am a level 10 gymnast at Galaxy Gymnastics in New York. My coaches are Jamie Winkler, Sasha Miretsky, Galina and Sergei Petrouniak. I started gymnastics when I was 3 years old. My daycare was in my gym, so I always went to watch the older girls practice. My dream was to practice with them so one day my mom signed me up for gymnastics classes. I quickly began to love the sport, from swinging on the bars, to walking on the beam. I was eventually invited to be on the gymnastics team. I remember my first level 4 competition because I received my first ever medal. I won some competitions, and I also lost some, but that made me a stronger gymnast overall. Step by step, level by level I began to compete level 10. My last season in level 10, was my best season. This past season, I was the New York State Champion and Regional Champion. At the 2018 Junior Olympic National Championships I placed 2nd on beam, 6th on floor, 7th on bars and 9th place all around, but the biggest win for me was Region 6 placing 3rd all around. Also, this season I received a full scholarship to UIC to continue my academic and gymnastics career. I cannot believe that I was nominated for Gymnast of the Year for 2018. I am extremely looking forward to have my first season as a college gymnast!

Alix Napholz (2025)

Arena Gymn - Candy & Mike Kort

Currently training Level 9/10, Alix Napholz was born on October 25, 2007, to Meegan and Tom Napholz. Alix got her start in gymnastics at the young age of just 18 months and wanted to follow in her sister’s footsteps of being a gymnast. In October 2013, Alix began competing level 2 as a six year old with Precision Gymnastics. Alix competed level 2 through the spring 2014 season and then went on to compete level 3 during the 2014-2015 season. Halfway through her level 3 season, Alix began training with Jersey Shore Elite. At the New Jersey Level 3 State Championships, Alix placed seventh on beam and eighth all around in a tough age division.

During the summer of 2015, Alix continued to train new skills and was able to skip levels 4 and 5 and went on to compete level 6 during the 2015-2016 season. Alix had a solid level 6 season and concluded her season at the New Jersey State Championships. As a level 7 during the 2016-2017 season, Alix began her season at the Jingle Bell Rock Meet where she won the floor title and placed fifth all around. Alix continued to improve her all around score throughout the season and had a personal best on floor at state where she earned the bronze medal with a 9.625.

Alix opened up her 2017-2018 level 8 season at the Kick-Off Classic where she placed third on beam and floor. Three months later, Alix competed at the New Jersey State Meet where she went on to qualify for the Region 7 Championships. Alix had her best meet of the season at regionals, placing fourth on floor and earning a 37.100 in the all around. Although regionals concluded Alix’s level 8 season, six weeks later Alix competed in the Auburn National Elite Qualifier. Alix finished the optional qualifier with a silver medal on floor and a bronze medal on bars. Currently, Alix trains 28.5 hours per week under coach Jacqui Strickland at Jersey Shore Elite Gymnastics. Alix started off the 2018/2019 season coompeting in the compulsory Elite qualifer at Parketts in PA. She missed the qualifying score and competed again at the Buckeye Classic in Ohio. Alix & her Coach decided to finish the season as a level 8 and start training for level 10. Alix competed at the Pink Invitational in Philadelphia and Placed 1st. on Bars, Beam, Floor & AA and 3rd. on Vault. She then competed in the toughest age division in the NJ state meet as a Jr.A She took 8th place on Floor with a 9.5 and finished with a 36.7 qualifying for the region 7 regionals. Unfortunatley due to a Patella fracture on her right knee she wont be able to compete. Alix switched gyms in July of 2019. She is currently training at Arena Gymnastics. She trains 20 hours per week and will be competing level 9 for the 2019/2020 season.

Amaya Russell (2020)

- Vladimir Ivanov and Tatiana Lonskaya

Born in 2002, Amaya started gymnastics at the age of 12.5 years old. She began her career in AAU gymnastics, in late August of 2014, when she joined a beginners gymnastics class after her parents discovered she was teaching herself gymnastics from YouTube videos. She went on to compete levels 1 and 3 that same year and won 3rd AA at the AAU State Championships the summer of 2015. Amaya became a member of USAG in November of 2015 and competed levels 4 and 5 in 2016. In 2017, Amaya competed level 6 at the SoCal Levels 6-10 State Championships and claimed the first place title in all events and the first place AA title for her age division with an overall score of 38.625. She placed 4th overall with the level 6 athletes and tied for 14th place among all athletes competing at these State Championships. Amaya was placed on My Meet Scores top 100 in 2017 for her Bars and her AA scores. Amaya competed level 8 in 2018 and again placed 1st AA in her age division for the SoCal Levels 6-10 State Championships with a score of 37.750. Amaya was honored to represent SoCal State and competed on the State Team at the Region 1 Levels 8-10 Championships where she placed 5th AA with a score of 38.175. Amaya is currently training Level 9 and looks forward to competing in January of 2019. In 2017, Amaya competed level 6 at the SoCal Levels 6-10 State Championships and claimed the first place title in all events and the first place AA title for her age division with an overall score of 38.625. She placed 4th overall with the level 6 athletes and tied for 14th place among all athletes competing at these State Championships. Amaya was placed on My Meet Scores top 100 in 2017 for her Bars and her AA scores. Amaya competed level 8 in 2018 and again placed 1st AA in her age division for the SoCal Levels 6-10 State Championships with a score of 37.750. Amaya was honored to represent SoCal State and competed on the State Team at the Region 1 Levels 8-10 Championships where she placed 5th AA with a score of 38.175. Amaya is currently training Level 9 and looks forward to competing in January of 2019.

Amaya had elbow surgery December 27, 2018 due to an elbow break when she was 8 years old that never healed. Amaya had to miss her level 9 competition season in January of 2019 to allow her elbow to heal. Amaya is back in the gym and has picked up where she left off. She is looking forward to coming back to competitions in January of 2020.

Ariel Posen (2022 )

- Maggie Haney, Victoria Levine

I am a 14-year-old gymnast competing Level 10 at MG Elite in Morganville, New Jersey. This past year I lived away from home with a host family because my family lived on Long Island and I believed that the coaches and gymnasts at MG Elite would help me achieve my personal best. I pride myself on being dedicated and determined in everything I do, so this decision did not surprise my family. It was hard living away from home, but it was worth it. I had a great season, thanks to my coaches, Maggie and Vicky, who truly know how to bring the best out of me.

I was 2018 Level 10 NATIONAL FLOOR champion and second on vault. I was also REGIONAL ALL AROUND (38.525) and BARS (9.85) champion and NJ STATE ALL AROUND, BARS and BEAM champion. I also got a 38+ on 5 meets this season and placed first All Around in 5 meets including Parkettes and Fantasia. I also received my highest level 10 beam score (9.8) at the Woga Classic. The icing on the cake was having my bars and beam scores on the top 100 and being nominated to the Top 45 Gymnasts.

I continue to upgrade all my skills and work hard to keep getting better. I especially love bars where my goal is to get a 10.0 and to be one of the best on bars in the country.

I have been very fortunate to have had many successful years in gymnastics. In 2015, I was Level 8 Region 6 Champion and placed first in All Around, Bars, beam and vault. I was also chosen to attend many Elite Developmental Camps. In prior years, I was also Level 7 All Around, Beam and Floor Champ and Level 6 All Around and bars champ. I have verbally committed to UCLA for the class of 2022/23 and can’t wait to be a Bruin!

I am very lucky to be surrounded by great coaches, family and friends that support my passion. Thank you for nominating me for the Top 45 Gymnast of the Year.

Asia Reid (2026 )

- Lisa Spini

At the age of 6 1/2 years old, Asia fell in love with gymnastics. One morning, she woke up and said she wants to practice gymnastics. She would always find time to watch YouTube videos day and night in her bedroom, teaching herself how to do backflips, front flips and press handstands. After months of convincing her parents that she was eager and "more than ready" to learn the sport competively. Asia was taken to a gym facility where she showcased her skill for the coaches; they were more than impressed and immediately requested that she enroll into their program and that's when the real training began.

Asia went from practicing the basics of sport in her bedroom to becoming a member of the TOPs program at the age of 7 in 2015. Asia trained for 8 months and in that time, she had grown stronger, smarter and more aware of what it takes to become a balanced athlete in the sport. The hard work paid off as it landed Asia in the Top 50 rank in the state of Florida and she could not have been more proud herself. That accomplishment came with her first major award of being selected to be a part of the Diamond team which only made her strive for more. In 2016, Asia tested out of levels 4 & 5 and continued to train for her next TOPs testing. The results of that testing opened the eyes of USAG members and earned her several trips to the national training center in Texas at the age of 8. While at the camp, for the first time, Asia placed 5th and then soon after she placed 2nd in the physical abilities competition.

Getting more familiar with her gift, Asia was determined to do better so she trained harder. While thrilling and exciting for Asia, it all happened very fast and she encountered challenging moments in going away to camps and spending long periods away from her parents at such a young age. Although this was a whirlwind experience, Asia found the courage to do what it takes for something she enjoyed so much. In 2017, Asia was exhilarated to compete as a level 7 in her very first season! Asia finished the season earning state floor & vault titles! In 2018, Asia competed level 8 winning state 3rd AA with a floor “her favorite event” title which earned her a spot at regionals. Asia ended her level 8 season at regionals placing 1st AA and making vault champ! Sparing no effort, next to come for Asia will be competing level 9 pushing higher and competing more fiercely each year in hopes of becoming a successful elite.

Baylie Belman (2025)

WOGA - Megan Haught, Josh Jefferis, Nataliya Marakova

As a third-generation competitive gymnast, Baylie began competing at the age of five. Following in her grandmother’s and aunt’s footsteps, she has won state and regional titles, but began so at an earlier age. Baylie’s first state title came at the age of six and her first regional title at the age of nine. Baylie was selected to the TOPs Diamond Team at the age of seven and the TOPs National A Team at the age of eight.

As a nine-year-old she finished the 2017 season as the ninth ranked Level 8 gymnast in the country, scoring above 38.000 in every meet despite suffering an elbow injury only two weeks prior to the beginning of her season. As a ten-year-old in 2018, Baylie competed Level 9 where she finished the season ranked 13th, from all age groups, in the US.

Her first meet as an elite was in The Netherlands where Baylie led her USA team to the team championship, while taking the gold in the all-around. She returned and competed the Hopes season under coaches Megan Haught, Josh Jeffries, and Nataliya Marakova. Baylie took bronze on the beam and floor exercise at the American Classic in Utah. Later in Ohio, Baylie took the National Hopes Championship AA and Beam Silver Medal and was selected to the Hopes 10-11 National Team. She is currently training at WOGA and attending National Developmental Camps and preparing for the 2019 season with a goal to qualify Junior Elite and reach the USA National Championships in August.

Brinlee Christensen (2023 )

Olympus Gymnastics - Ryan Kirkham, Jessie McDonough, Tasmin Finn

I'm 14 years old, I'm competing my first year of Level 10 this season, I train at Olympus Gymnastics in South Jordan, Utah. I’m honored to have been selected as a Gymnast of the Year nominee and thank all those that have helped me get to this point.

I had a great Level 9 season finishing first on Vault and third All Around at the Utah State Championships. I then qualified to the Western Championships after placing second on Vault, Bars and All Around at the Region 1 Championships. I then earned gold medals on vault and bars, a bronze medal on floor, and sixth all around at the Western Championships. A few other fun notable Level 9 accomplishments: 2019 Winter Classic I took 1st place, in my age division, with a 37.0 which also happened to be the highest all-around score of all Level 9’s in the entire meet. At the 24th Annual Northern Lights Classic I qualified to the event finals on bars and took 1st place.

I’m a hard worker, been told I’m easy to coach, I’m extremely humble and take pride in all that I do. I go to public school, in 9th grade, am enrolled in several honors classes, a straight A student, I have 4 sisters, love doing their hair, spending time with my family, camping, fishing, biking, and most of all just being a kid. Oh and I can solve a Rubik’s Cube in less than 2 minutes. I love going to and watching college gymnastics meets. I've not yet decided what I want to be when I get older, though I do know I want to attend college, hopefully on a scholarship, where I can also continue my love for gymnastics by competing at that level. Good luck to all the nominees, it's an amazing honor to be considered for such a notable award.

Caitlin Kass (NC-Bull City Gymnastics 2019)

NC- Bull City Gymnastics - Stephen & Amanda Maness, Monica Davis & Lindsey Shilling

Caitlin is not your typical gymnast at 5 feet 6 inches. Her gymnastics career began at 3 years old. Caitlin always has a smile on her face and is to quick to make friends with her teammates and fellow competitors. Her compassion and cheery disposition make her an essential component to a positive training environment which we all could use a little more of. She continues to be a role model for young girls who want to be a strong healthy gymnast. This season Caitlin broke a bone in her foot and needed surgery to heal it. Unfortunately, this made her miss her Senior Season, but with love and support from her teammates, she has kept up good spirits. She was in a cast for 6 weeks and a boot for another 6 weeks. She is hoping to regain her leg strength starting in March to be ready for Regionals in April. This is just another speed bump in the road for Caitlin who knows slow and steady wins the race. Patience now will pay off in the long run.

Caitlin had early success in gymnastics winning many events and all-around titles. One of her highlights was winning the Level 8 NC State All- Around title and competing on the State Team in Regional Championships and winning first place with her team. When Caitlin reached level 9 and began to grow several inches every month, she began to question herself about whether or not she could continue to do the sport she loved at the level she wanted. Growth spurts, injuries, and self-doubt began to creep into the picture. Fortunately working with her coaches, teammates and physical therapists, she was able to safely rehab her injuries and train her level 10 skills getting her fire and confidence back. She knew that she wanted to compete college gymnastics one day and did not want to give up on that dream.

She has competed level 10 the past 3 years and competed in two National Championships. She shares her joy for gymnastics with her teammates and choreographs several floor routines for her younger teammates, volunteers at gymnastics camp, and always has time to give a little gymnast a hug or high-five when they get a new skill. Caitlin's work ethic and commitment to gymnastics continue to inspire other girls that don't fit the mold. Don't let others decide your fate, be the best you can be is Caitlin's motto. She is very proud to say she has verbally committed to NC State Gymnastics Team and is truly grateful for all the blessing she has been given.

Caitlin is a well-rounded student that continues to train 24 hours a week at the gym while attending public school, and being involved in extracurricular activities. Caitlin gives back as much as she gets from the sport she has loved for the past 14 years. This is why she is my choice for Gymnast of the Year.

Delaney Fisher - Georgia Elite Gymnastics (2023)

- Pete Arenas and Myia Hambrick

I am so humbled to be nominated for the 2019 Gymnast of the Year! My gymnastics career began in a mommy and me class at 18 months old. By 2yo I was climbing to the top of a 20ft rope to earn the right to pick a trinket from the treasure box. At 6yo I began competing Xcel silver at Gymnastix Training Center in Buford, GA. I advanced each year from Xcel silver to Xcel gold to Level 7,9, and 10. I was a member of the Georgia State Team for Xcel gold (2014) and Level 7 (2015). I also qualified Hopes compulsory in 2016 and 2017.

Gymnastix Training Center discontinued their elite program in 2017 so I made the difficult decision to switch gyms. Jorgen Falk, co-owner of Georgia All Stars, took me under his wing for 4 months and gave me the encouragement I needed to continue the elite path. I finally found "home" at Georgia Elite Gymnastics in September 2017. I had an unforgettable 2018 season which began by earning my Jr. Elite compulsory qualifying score in Myrtle Beach, SC and placing 1st AA. The next elite qualifier was KPAC where I once again placed 1st AA and earned my Jr. Elite optional score and the chance to compete in the American Classic and US Classic.

I ended my 2018 JO Level 10 season at Nationals in Cincinnati, OH finishing 4th AA and being named to the JO National Team. At the conclusion of my 2018 season I sustained an injury which gave me time to reevaluate my goals. I had accomplished a huge goal that I set for myself but no longer felt the elite path was for me. I desperately missed competing with my "team". I petitioned back to JO in 2019 and spent much of the season recovering. I was able to compete at Regionals which qualified me to Nationals where I medaled in bars and beam and placed 11th AA. I am so grateful for the non-competitive opportunities that gymnastics has given me as well. I have attended the US Developmental Team Camp, the JO National Team Camp, 2018 Top Ten GOTY, currently representing Plum Practicewear as a Plum Ambassasor, modeled for the 2018 Ozone Leotard Fashion Show, modeled for Inside Gymnastics Magazine, mentoring young gymnasts, and meeting so many new friends!

I'm so excited for my future in this amazing sport and am focused on my dream of becoming a collegiate gymnast. Everyone has their own unique story....enjoy it and embrace the journey.

Emily Golden (2023)

- Aimee Boorman, Jason Collins, Jose Morales, Maria Iankova

I studied the sport of gymnastics as a little girl, hoping one day to actually take classes. I would watch You Tube videos and stare at library book pictures; admiring the beauty of this sport. FINALLY, my parents signed me up, at the age of 10, for my very first recreation class! That was in February 2015. Since then, I have worked really hard to learn as much as I can in a short amount of time! I still study the sport and make goals for myself every season. It seems like yesterday, when I started learning basics on the equipment.

My first season to compete was in 2016 at Level 7. I was able to test out of Levels 2-6 in about 9 months!! My parents and I didn't really understand what that meant as it was happening, though. I just loved learning new skills and my coaches thought I was doing them technically correct. It didn't seem "special" at the time; it just felt "right."

In my level 7 season, it started fantastic! In two meets, I won floor and beam and earned 2nd All Around. Sadly, one day in practice, I fell and broke my elbow. I had to have major elbow surgery and 4 months of rehab. It was so frustrating! As soon as my season started, it was over. But, I fought hard and worked hard to keep a positive attitude, focusing on my future goals. Soon, I was training for Level 8 and moved to Sarasota, FL with my Coach. It was a really big decision and an exciting commitment for my whole family. All of my rehab, and hard work paid off in my Level 8 season in 2017!! It was the first FULL season I had ever competed!! I earned State Champion for Floor and Beam! At Regionals, I won the Floor and All Around Gold!! Last season, in 2018, Level 9 was incredible!! I continued to train hard and learn a lot of new skills. Competing these new skills was definitely challenging, but I embraced the challenge. All season, I was in the top 5 on every event. I won GOLD at every meet but one on floor and beam! I also won All Around at every meet with a high score of the season of 38.500!!

I am the Florida State Champion for Bars, Beam, Floor and ALL Around!! I am the Florida Regional Champion for Beam, Floor and All Around!! Easterns was an amazing experience and I felt so thankful to qualify and compete there. I had a great meet, earning a Silver medal on Floor and 5th All Around. I am currently training Level 10 and hope to qualify as a Junior Elite this 2019 season. Gymnastics continues to feed a deep hunger inside of my heart. That little girl, who just started not too long ago, is still hungry for more!!

Hanh Hoang (2023 )

- Tatiana Lonskaya and Vladimir Ivanov

Hanh took a summer tumbling class at Sokol Elite Gymnastics at the age of 7, in which she was asked to join their compulsory team. Hanh started off part time as she was a competitive dancer then and had to finish off the season. Hanh competed level 3 just a year after joining the compulsory team. Hanh was consistently in the top 3 in all her levels. Her personal best was a perfect 10 score on floor with an AA of 39.425 in level 7, at the Socal State Championships. This also qualified her for the Socal State Team for Region 1. Hanh went on to winning the bars, vault, floor and AA titles at the Region 1 Championships for level 8 last year. Unfortunately, she was diagnosed with OCD (osteochondritis dissecans) right after regional last year as well as suffering other injuries which had her scale back on training for the past 9 months. This made her stronger and more determined to come back and finish goals that she had set for herself. She was able to compete as a beam specialist this year for level 9. This is after having just about a month to relearn skills as well as new skills for the routine. Hanh plans on competing level 10 next season and qualifying to the Nastia Liukin Cup. Her long term pursuit is for a Division 1 scholarship. FUN FACT: she won her puppy, Buster, with a bet that she could score a 10, back in 2017, which she did at the Socal State Championships.

Jersey Bingman (2024)

World Class Gymnastic ~ Va - Tami Harrison, Rex Harrison, Beka Conrad

I was 3 years old when my grandmother put me in mommy and me recreational class. I have always had a lot of energy and couldn’t sit still, so it was the perfect fit . I have worked very hard to balance my love of gymnastics with my school work, remaining positive and focused when it comes to achieving my goals. Over the years my passion for the sport grew and I have participated in gymnastics as part of a competitive team where I have earned many placements not only at the State Championships, but the Regional Championships as well. My personal goal is to compete for a Division 1 College Gymnastics Team. Everyone has the opportunity to learn gymnastics and succeeded if you have a coach that believes in you. I have the opportunity to have many coaches that instilled the passion in my earlier years for gymnastics, ones who take pride in seeing me move up to the competitive team and all of my accomplishments.

I am currently training at World Class Gymnastics in Newport News, Va. I competed Level 8 last year with a new team , new coaches and a much larger gym. It was a fabulous year placing 3rd at the 2018 Virginia State Meet scoring a 37.975 AA placing on all events and taking 1st place on Bars as the 2018 Virginia State Champion. This qualified me for my first Regional Meet at which I placed 2nd with a score of 38.00 AA, placing on all events. I am training for the upcoming season as a Level 9 and my training consist of 32 hours in the summer and 25 hours a week during school year. My coaches are Tami, ,Beka and Rex have taught me so much that it is immeasurable. The first meet of the season for Level 9 was a success placing 1st on Vault, Bar, and Floor, took 4th on Beam and place 1st in the AA. The Robin Cone Memorial meet was amazing as we all got to meet Peng Peng Lee!! UCLA Gymnast with the perfect score 10.00.

I am in the 8th grade attending a Public Middle School with placement in an AP programs as an A and A/B honor roll student. I have maintained the honor roll throughout my Elementary School years and on into Middle School.

To be nominated as one of Top 10 Gymnast of the Year in 2018 was an honor .!!. " If you can believe it, then it is possible" My dream is to become an elite gymnast and earn a spot on a Division 1 College Team. I understand the persistence and dedication this requires which I am willing to put in the work and time. Most of all I would like to Thank YOU for considering me as one of your nominees for GOTY 2019. Looking forward to an awesome season with my teammates who are my sisters!!! Just remember "Half of doing is believing that YOU can".

This 2018/2019 season has come to a close and I've enjoyed every minute !!! The Virginia State Meet was a success placing 2nd AA 37.250 Level 9 Jr 13. My first Regionals was just as successful placing 1st AA 37.975 Level 9 Junior 4 for Region 7. This has qualified me for another first Easterns in Florida at which I placed 8th AA. Not bad for the many of first to have in one season..... For now its training, training, and more training with full speed ahead!! Can't wait to make more memories with my teammates and Coaches. Thanks for nominated me as one of the many Top Gymnast of the Year. It's a honor to be among the other 50 nominee's for GOTY 2019.

To the Top Gymnast of the Year Kendall Congrats on your well-earned success for 2019 gymnastics season. Your dedication and commitment is impressive! You are the true champion!!!!. I would also like to extend my congratulations to all of the TOP 50, 25, 10, 5 on your achievement!! your hard work and much dedication that will contribute to a bright and successful gymnastics future. I have always appreciated the strong support of gymnastics and the camaraderie it brings. I’m sorry for not being able to attend the awards ceremony as my schedule does not permit. Again, thank you for nominating me as one of the Top 25 GOTY for 2019 . Congrats to all!!!!

Kathryn Thaler (2019)

- Eddie Umphrey & Johnny Rae Schmelzer

Gymnastics has been a key part of my life since I was three years old. Beyond gymnastics, it’s taught me life skills such as finding a love and passion for something, time management, setting and accomplishing goals, confidence and a responsibility for my own direction as a gymnast and person. I fell in love with the sport and started my gymnastics career at Bill Austin's Gymnastics in Sugar Land, TX. I spent the majority of my compulsory years at Iron Cross Gymnastics in Richmond, TX. After my level 6 season in 2011, I moved to Stars Gymnastics in Houston, TX and have been there ever since.

In 2013, I placed first in the all-around with a 38.925 and first on uneven bars, balance beam and floor exercise at the Level 7 State Championships. I moved up to level 8 for the 2014 season where I placed third in the all-around with a 38.350, first on uneven bars and second on floor exercise at the State Championships. I qualified to the Region 3 Championships, finishing first in the all-around with a 38.450. I also placed first on balance beam, second on uneven bars and third on floor exercise. As a level 9 gymnast in 2015, I placed in the top ten in the all-around with a 37.250 and seventh on uneven bars scoring a 9.500 at the State Championships. At the Region 3 Championships, I finished second in the all-around with a 37.350, third on balance beam and floor exercise and fourth on vault. I qualified to the Level 9 Western Nationals in Spokane, WA where I placed seventh in the all-around with a 37.200 and sixth on balance beam and floor exercise.

At the level 10 State Championships 2016, I placed fifth in the all-around with a 37.775, second on uneven bars and fifth on floor exercise. I finished fourth in the all-around with a 37.875, second on uneven bars and third on balance beam and floor exercise at the Region 3 Championships, I qualified to the Junior Olympic Nationals in Ft. Worth, TX. I was voted Gymnast of the Year by my teammates in 2014, 2016 and 2018. In 2017, I placed second on uneven bars and third on floor exercise at the State Championships. At the Region 3 Championships, I finished sixth in the all-around and first on floor exercise. I qualified to the Junior Olympic Nationals in Indianapolis, IN where I placed 12th in the all-around with a 37.200, seventh on uneven bars and tenth on floor exercise out of 57 gymnasts. In 2018, I placed first on uneven bars, floor exercise and in the all-around with a 38.600 at the State Championships. At the Region 3 Championships, I finished second in the all-around with a 38.225, first on uneven bars and second on balance beam and floor exercise. I qualified to the Junior Olympic Nationals in Cincinnati, OH, finishing in the top 15 in the all-around with a 38.000 and fourth on uneven bars. I attend Katy High School and have committed to Nebraska. GBR!

Kelise Woolford (2026)

- Victoria Levine To Edit

When I was 5 years old, I watched Gabby Douglas compete in the 2012 Olympics. I was mesmerized, from that day on I have dreamed of the Olympics. I am the youngest of 5 children, and began telling my siblings I was going to the Olympics. To get support from my family and friends I taught myself to do back handsprings and aerials.

A few years later my parents took me serious and signed me up for recreational class at a local gym. After a few months, my mom decided I needed to be challenged more. She researched other gyms in the state and took me to North Stars where I began competing in less than 6 months. I competed level 4 successful, and became state champ on floor exercise and second overall. The following year I switched gyms and went to MG Elite, where I competed level 7 and finished 3rd overall at states. My third year competing has been the best by far. I successfully competed level 8, accomplishing several amazing goals this year. I managed to score a 39.025 at the Parkettes Invitational I came in 1st place on vault, floor and bars and 3rd on beam and 1st overall.

Woga Classic was another exceptional meet, I scored 38.925 and came in 1st on every event. My other meets were equally as exciting I scored 38's at all with the exception of 1, and placed 1st or 2nd overall at every meet. My first visit to Regional's was absolutely amazing I finished 1st on vault, beam and floor, and second overall. My proudest moment is ranking 2nd and 4th on America's top 100 level 8 gymnast. I am extremely honored to be a contender for gymnast of the year!

Kennedy Cochran (2025 )

- Amanda Borden-Cochran, Kristin Fanning, Austin Kelly, Clayton Modic, Rilee Sauer

Kennedy Cochran is 11 years old and currently training level 9 at Gold Medal Gymnastics in Chandler, Arizona. She began competing level 3 in 2014. Kennedy has placed at state every year she has competed and taken home 1st place AA in 2017 as a level 6 and 2018 as a level 8. At the end of her level 8 season, Kennedy was selected to be a member of the Level 8, 2018 Arizona State Team. Kennedy placed 1st with a 9.700 on floor at the 2018 Regional Championships. She is very excited for the opportunity to be considered as 2018 Gymnast of the Year.

Kennedy has trained at Gold Medal Gymnastics for her entire gymnastics career under the coaching of her mother - Amanda Borden and Kristin Fanning. Kennedys favorite event to compete is floor, however she enjoys training all events. Throughout her time competing, Kennedy has had the opportunity to travel to other states and attend camps and programs to further her training. While attending those camps, Kennedy has had the chance to be coached by other olympic athletes, olympic coaches, and college gymnasts. She feels fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn from such influential people.

She is continually focusing on her training and nutrition in order to prepare herself for wherever her gymnastics career takes her. She has set a goal for herself to obtain a college scholarship. Outside of gymnastics she loves to travel with her family, spend time with her friends from school and gymnastics, draw, and go shopping with her mom!

Kyra Burns (2020 )

Xtreme Gymnastics - Lee's Summit - Head Coach Alisha Robinson, Terin Humphrey, Jay Becker

Hi, I'm Kyra! I started gymnastics at 3 years old at the YMCA in Joplin, MO where I started competing in a YMCA League at age 5. After moving to Kansas City, I started competing USAG Level 4 at age 6. I currently train at Xtreme Gymnastic and Trampoline in Lee's Summit, MO where in 2018 I finished my 4th year as a Level 10. Some of my Level 10 accomplishments include : JO National Qualifier - 2015 (NIT), 2016 (9th Vault), 2017 (5th Beam, 8th Vault, 18th AA), 2018 (1st Bars, 6th Beam, 1st AA); 2018 JO National Team Member; 2018 Region 4 Vault, Beam and AA Champion. Pushing through many different struggles, I am currently competing my 5th year as a level 10. I am verbally committed to the University of Missouri (Go Tigers!) on a full ride scholarship beginning in 2020-2021. After college I want to go into the medical profession and work with kids(and maybe coach gymnastics too). I currently work at my gym as a Girls Instructional and Xcel Coach and I also help with floor choreography for the Xcel Program. In my spare time I love to draw, make Pinterest crafts, spend time with friends and family and watch Netflix - especially Grey's Anatomy. Gymnastics has given me so many opportunities (like this one!) and taught me so many lessons (determination, commitment, and love) and I can't wait to see what the future holds!

Lily Pederson (2024)

- Bart and Lori Roskoski

My name is Lily Pederson, I am a 13 year old Junior Elite gymnast. I train at Flips in White Bear Lake, Minnesota. My coaches are Bart and Lori Roskoski. I train approximately 25 hours per week while still attending public school. I started gymnastics when I was 5 years old. I was moved to the level 3 team when I was 6 years old. Once I competed in my first real meet as a level 3 I was hooked! I achieved my goal of becoming an elite gymnast in January of 2020. I hope to make it all the way to the US Championships and place well enough to make the Junior National Team!

I started taking classes at Flips when I was 6 years old. I made it to team level 3 when I was 7 years old. At 8 years old I moved to level 4 and qualified for state. When I was 9 years old I moved up to level 5 and again qualified for state, where I won the floor state championship for my age group. That same year I skipped level 6 and was moved to the level 7 team, which had already started their season. I trained with the level 7 team for about 2 weeks before competing in my first level 7 meet, where I qualified for state again! After level 7 state I moved to level 8. Our level 8 team had an undefeated season, capping it off by winning the state championship, Flips first ever!

I was also named to the Minnesota Super 8 team that year. After level 8 regionals were over I began working on my level 9 skills, with my goal to compete as a level 9 and make it back to regionals and then to Westerns. I ended up scoring out of level 9 at my first meet of the season and moving directly to level 10. I was 11 years old, Flips youngest ever level 10 gymnast! While competing as a first year level 10 I was also training for my first year in HOPES. I managed to not only qualify to regionals as the youngest level 10 in the state of Minnesota but I also made it to nationals!! I placed 5th in the all around at my very first ever nationals!! I also qualified to the HOPES Classic, where I placed 2nd and advanced to the HOPES Championship.

At the HOPES Championship I placed 4th and was named to the HOPES National Team!! That summer I was invited to the USAG developmental training camp in Tennessee. I have been attending camp ever since. My goals for 2019 are to make it back to nationals again and this time finish even higher. I have already qualified to the HOPES Classic for the second year. My goal for HOPES is to win the HOPES Classic and the HOPES Championship. My goals for 2020 are to qualify as a Junior Elite and make it to the USAG Championships and to be invited to national training camp. My long-term goals are to receive a scholarship to a D1 school and to compete for the USA at the Olympics in 2024 or 2028!!!


- Ashley Umberger, Faith, Heather

Olivia started gymnastics at the age of 3 at The Little Gym in Scarsdale, NY. By 5 years old, Olivia was doing standing tucks and displaying tremendous talent in the sport. Someone at her recreational class recommended that she try competitive gymnastics. At this age she was great at tumbling but had no idea where gymnastics would take her.

Fast forward to 2017 -- Olivia was pretty set on quitting gymnastics. She had just finished her first level 9 season. She felt down and defeated about not living up to her own expectations. Olivia's parents wanted to try one last thing before they let her leave gymnastics forever -- they changed gyms. The decision to take her over an hour away from home to North Stars Gymnastics Academy in NJ, would be a big sacrifice but worth the try. The first 30 days at Olivia's new gym were rough. There was so much for Olivia to learn and revamp before the season began. She was not used to this type of practice or work ethic. Every day she was nervous to point of headache and it seemed to be the end of gymnastics for such a gifted girl. It was heartbreaking. Something happened after that 30-day trial. Olivia was excited again. She couldn't wait to get to practice. She was talking about her future in gymnastics again. North Stars had turned Olivia into her alter ego, "STORM," once again! (A powerful nickname for such a humble girl).

The 2017-18 gymnastics session began and Olivia was off to a great start. She still struggled on certain events but overall looked like a rock star. Olivia's coaches were slowly building her confidence back up. Mid season, Olivia was on a roll but then two weeks before the NJ State competition, BAM, she landed short in her double back tuck, spraining her ankle. She missed the two gymnastics meets leading to States and wasn't sure if she could perform all events at the meet. Olivia went to States and fell on floor, and beam. It was a shaky meet! She managed to qualify for the Regionals competion next. At Regionals, Olivia was ready and got her record high scores on vault, floor and AA. She now was feeling ready for Eastern Nationals. Walking into Nationals, Olivia turned to her mom and said "I'm not nervous. I'm going to win." She went out there and did just that! Olivia won floor and the AA at Eastern Nationals.

Olivia feels good about her future in gymnastics, and has set some big goals. Still driving over an hour each way to the gym she now calls home, Olivia is grateful for the support on the path ahead. Winning Gymnast of the Year would be an honor for a regular, degular, schmegular girl from the Bronx just trying her best to reach her goals.

Sydney Morris (2022)

First State - Slava Glazounov and Cleo Washington

I began gymnastics when I was 3 years old. My first experience with gymnastics was at 1st Class in Maryland when I would attend recreational classes and summer camp. When I was 5, I switched to a gym close to home and started competing level 4 at the age of 6. When I was 7 I switched to Win Win gymnastics in Odenton, MD and competed levels 5, 6 and 7.

As a level 7, in 2014, my team qualified to represent MD at the National Judges Cup. I placed 1st on balance beam and 2nd in the all around. In August of 2014, I went back to 1st Class for my level 8,9 and first level 10 season. As a first year level 10, I qualified to the Region 7 Championships and the JO National Championships where I took home the gold for uneven bars. I also qualified to the HOPES Championships in Chicago.In September of 2017, I switched gyms and began training at First State Gymnastics in Delaware as a second year level 10 and junior elite. As a JO, I qualified to the Level 10 Regional Championships where I finished 2nd on uneven bars scoring a 9.750, which was 45th on the Top 100 Bar Scores for 2018, and finished 6th all-around. I also qualified to JO National Championships where I brought home a silver medal on bars and an All-Around personal high score for this competition. In January I qualified to Junior Elite with a score of 51.10. This qualified me to the American Classic in July where I finished 8th with an all-around score of 51.90. I also competed at the U.S. Classic at the end of July and finished 12th with a 5th place tie on uneven bars. My score at the American Classic qualified me to the US Championships in August. After 2 days of competition, I was proud to finish 13th all-around with a 5th place finish on balance beam. The score I received at the U.S. Championships has automatically qualified me to the 2019 Championships and I am excited to compete there once again. This season I am training as a junior elite and have been invited to the National Training Center to train with the national team twice. My second trip was to compete at the selection camp for international assignments. My goals now are to train with the National Team, become a National Team member and begin competing internationally. I love my fans and followers and thank them all for their support.

Tatum Anderson (2023)

- Giovanna Romero & Manuel Navarez

HI, I'm Tatum & I started gymnastics at the age of 2. It took me a few different invitations to join the competitive team at my gym. It was a beautiful pink leo with rhinestones that finally won me over and after competing & winning AA at my first meet I was hooked! I am now training level 10 at Oklahoma City Gymnastics in OKC, OK. My amazing coaches Giovanna (Gou) Romero & Manuel Navarez push me to do my best & to reach my goals.

In 2018, I was the top qualifier for the Oklahoma team that represented our state at the National Judges Cup State Challenge in Portland, OR. I finished 2nd AA at that meet & the Oklahoma team finished 4th. I also received the Nadia Spirit award at the Nadia Comaneci Invitational presented by Nadia herself. As a level 7, I finished 2nd AA at my state meet and ended my season as the Region 3 Bar and Floor champ and 2rd in the AA. As a level 8, I placed 1st AA at all but two of my season meets & qualified to regionals again. At regionals I finished as the Region 3 Sr A bar & floor champion as well as finishing 3rd in the AA with my season best score. As a level 9, I placed 1st AA at state, 4th AA at regionals, and went to Westerns placing 2nd on Beam & 4th in the AA.

Gymnastics has taught me so many things. I have learned about discipline & determination, that sometimes things are hard but fighting through brings so much joy, that courage is not being scared but continuing despite the fear, that the rewards far outshine the disappointments & that failure is only the beginning of success. Gymnastics is so much more than what you see in the Olympics & I am so grateful to be able to be a part of it. I have been blessed to be a part of an amazing gym with an awesome group of girls that have encouraged & continue to encourage me along my journey.

My long term goal is to compete in college & be able to give back to my sport through coaching & judging. It is such a great honor to be nominated for Gymnast of the Year!!! I feel that God has given me a great talent & I hope to give Him all the glory!

Thu Nguyen (2022)

- Rick Watson, Stephanie Calvert, Tom Wakeling, Whitney Watson, Hayley Watson

Thu is 14 year old gymnast at wildfire gymnastics in Lake Forest, CA and is training level 10. She started gymnastics at about 6 years old and entered competitive gymnastics at the age of 10. Not only is Thu in gymnastics, but her younger sister is also a competitive gymnast as well. She also attends a public school and trains 6 days a week. She has four other siblings and is the second youngest in the family.

Thu first enrolled in recreational classes at a small rec center near by. She then found her passion for gymnastics on her first day of class. As an infant she has always been full of energy so we decided to put her in many different types of sports such as dance, swimming, and soccer and she finally found what she loved to do, gymnastics. In the future, Thu hopes to compete as a collegiate gymnast and perform to the best of her ability and major in biology or exercise science to become a physical therapist as her future career. Some of her accomplishments this year include: Westerns Qualifier - 2018, Westerns floor champion, (2nd all around, 2nd beam, 2nd floor) - 2018 level 8-10 regional championships, (3rd beam) - 2018 state championships.

Tiana Sumanasekera (2025 )

- Armen Astoian & Oksana Bystrova

Tiana is 11 years old and currently competing Level 10 and preparing for HOPEs season. She started gymnastics at 6yrs old. She is training at San Mateo gymnastics in Belmont CA. She has won the NorCal state Championship 5 times in a row. Past season she competed Level 8 and won both State and Regional Championship. Tiana also qualified to Hopes 10-11 and competed in both American classic and GK U.S Classic.

During her Level 8 Season Tiana hit 4 out 4 routines in every single meet. She scored 38 and above in every meet except her very first meet and placed 1st AA in 6 of 7 meets. At Nor-Cal State Championship Tiana won 1st place in all 4 events and got the highest AA score in the entire meet.

Current update: Soon after her Level 8 season, Tiana scored out Level 9 and started competing Level 10. At her first Level 10 meet Tiana fell 4 times and scored a low 33.9 AA score. With hard work and dedication she started hitting 4 out 4 routines in multiple meets and at the Nor-Cal Level 10 State Championship Tiana scored 37.7 AA. Just like any other gymnast Tiana also suffered from multiple injuries, from a dislocated finger to a torn ligament. She missed out on the HOPEs qualifier in February and was not able to attend the Development camp due to injuries.

Tiana’s goals for this year are to qualify to HOPEs Championship again and to do her very best at the Level 10 Regionals. Tiana’s long term goal is to become an Elite Gymnast.

Apart from gymnastics Tiana loves to travel and visit new places. She loves food and try out new things. Tiana attends public school and is in 6th grade.

Tiana is very excited and honored to be nominated for the Top 25 Gymnast of the Year.

Victoria Cluck (2023)

- Adam Duncan, Sonia Haiou

Victoria Cluck was born in 2004 in Plano, Texas. Victoria got her start in gymnastics when her mom saw an invitation for the grand opening of the WOGA Frisco gym. Victoria and her family attended the open house and Victoria became one of WOGA Frisco’s first enrollees at just three years-old. Shortly after, Victoria was invited to join the team program.

Victoria began competing in fall 2012 as a level 4. Victoria’s first meet of her 2018 level 9 season was the California Grand Invitational where she won the vault title. Victoria remained undefeated on vault throughout the regular season and at the Texas Level 9 State Championships, she won the vault, bars and all-around titles. At the Region 3 Championships, Victoria won the bars and all-around titles and qualified to the Western National Championships. Victoria had another great meet at Westerns, winning vault and taking home the bronze medal in the all-around. Shortly after her level 9 season concluded, Victoria went on to compete in her first international elite competition at the International Acension Gymnastics competition in the Netherlands. Victoria had a great meet and posted the highest beam score in the junior elite session.

Currently, Victoria trains 35 hours per week under coaches Sonia Haiou and Adam Duncan at WOGA Frisco. Victoria will make her Level 10 debut in the 2019 season. In the future, Victoria’s goal is to qualify elite and earn a college scholarship to a top Division 1 gymnastics program. To learn more about Victoria, please visit her website, https://chalkwarrior.com/victoriacluck/.